Lee Rossi’s Darwin’s Garden: Studies from Life, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Lee Rossi Darwin’s Garden: Studies from Life Moon Tide Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman In Darwin’s Garden, the formidable poet Lee Rossi reflects upon life in 21st century America, as well as his own past decades growing up, through the lens of “a middle-class Catholic boy from the suburbs of St Louis…[t]wo generations away from Italy, […]

Patricia Fargnoli’s Hallowed, Reviewed by Lee Rossi

Patricia Fargnoli Hallowed/New and Selected Poems Tupelo Press Reviewer: Lee Rossi Patricia Fargnoli’s recent book Hallowed combines new poems with selections from four previous volumes. Although she began studying poetry in her mid-thirties, Fargnoli, now eighty-two, published her first book just twenty years ago. A retired psychotherapist, she brings to her work a steady emotional […]

Sheryl St. Germain’s The Small Door of Your Death, Reviewed by Lee Rossi

Sheryl St. Germain The Small Door of Your Death Autumn House Press Reviewer: Lee Rossi Sheryl St. Germain makes no secret of her secrets. She’s the kind of writer who opens all her closets and invites the skeletons to the dinner table. In 6 previous books of poetry and 2 memoirs she details her experience […]

Barbara Hamby’s Bird Odyssey, Reviewed by Lee Rossi

Barbara Hamby Bird Odyssey University of Pittsburgh Press Reviewer: Lee Rossi Barbara Hamby may be contemporary poetry’s most personable tour guide. In Bird Odyssey, her sixth and latest volume of poetry, she takes us on three separate trips – through Russia, the Deep South, and Classical Greece – all of them informed by her promiscuous […]

Jenny Molberg’s Marvels of the Invisible, Reviewed by Lee Rossi

Jenny Molberg Marvels of the Invisible Tupelo Press Reviewer: Lee Rossi Finding an expanse of previously unexplored wilderness, the naturalist is keen to discover an unknown species. Likewise a critic, opening a first book, looks for signs of new life. Jenny Molberg’s Marvels of the Invisible provides many such clues, all hinting at some chameleon-like, […]