Rachel Dacus’s Arabesque, Reviewed by Maria Rouphail

Rachel Dacus Arabesque FutureCycle Press Reviewer: Maria Rouphail Rachel Dacus’s Arabesque brings to mind the old maxim, ut pictura poesis (“as in painting, so in poetry”). Formulated by Horace as something of a touchstone for evaluating the arts, the analogy was invoked rather unsystematically in later Western art and poetry. It also came to suggest […]

Andrea Hollander’s Blue Mistaken for Sky, Reviewed by Maria Rouphail

Andrea Hollander Blue Mistaken for Sky Autumn House Press Reviewer: Maria Rouphail Let me confess (to my chagrin) that before I was invited to submit this review of Blue Mistaken for Sky (forthcoming from Pittsburgh’s Autumn House Press), I’d never read the work of award-winning poet, Andrea Hollander. Let me also confess that having sat […]

Afric McGlinchey’s Ghost of the Fisher Cat,
Reviewed by Maria Rouphail

Afric McGlinchey Ghost of the Fisher Cat Salmon Poetry ISBN: 978-1-910669-39-6 Reviewer: Maria Rouphail   What do violin strings, the mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, and poisoned quinces have in common? They are conceits in Irish poet, Afric McGlinchey’s second collection, Ghost of the Fisher Cat. Prompted by a Parisian legend of a ghost […]