Richard Vargas’s Leaving a Tip at the Blue Moon Motel, Reviewed by Shawn Pavey

Leaving a Tip at the Blue Moon Motel Richard Vargas Casa Urraca Press Reviewer: Shawn Pavey Having followed the work of Richard Vargas since his first collection, 2005’s McLife, I’m not surprised to find that Leaving a Tip at the Blue Moon Motel is filled with poems that explore, in depth, that inescapable yet spirit […]

George Franklin’s Remote Cities, Reviewed by Shawn Pavey

Remote Cities George Franklin Sheila-Na-Gig Editions Reviewer: Shawn Pavey George Franklin’s exquisite Remote Cities is, as John Burt expertly points out on his back-cover blurb, a collection of “poems for grown-ups.” These mature, honed, expertly crafted poems display for the reader Franklin’s current existence in Miami and his memories of travel. His unflinching imagery and […]

Blowing Thru Secaucus by George Wallace and Friends, Reviewed by Shawn Pavey

Audio Project: Blowing Through Secaucus George Wallace and Friends (available on streaming platforms) drawn from Poetry Collection Blowing Through Secaucus George Wallace Gutter Snob Books Reviewer: Shawn Pavey You think New Jersey, you think wise guys. It just happens. George Wallace knows this. He’s going to tell you about them. In fact, he’s going to […]

Ted Jonathan’s Unholy Melodies: New & Collected, Reviewed by Shawn Pavey

Ted Jonathan Unholy Melodies: New and Collected NYQ Books Reviewer: Shawn Pavey Ted Jonathan is a poet known to many in the small press community. So, news of his passing in February of this year struck the community hard. I didn’t know him. I don’t know the circumstances surrounding his passing other than what I’ve […]

Stuart Jay Silverman’s Report from the Sea of Moisture, Reviewed by Shawn Pavey

Report From the Sea of Moisture Stuart Jay Silverman Atmosphere Press Reviewer: Shawn Pavey Report From the Sea of Moisture is my first exposure to the poetry of Stuart Jay Silverman, but it will not be my last. The absence of either blurbs or an author bio and photo on the back cover in favor […]