Sean Thomas Dougherty’s Death Prefers the Minor Keys, Reviewed by Shawn Pavey

Death Prefers the Minor Keys Sean Thomas Dougherty BOA Editions Ltd. Reviewer: Shawn Pavey What Sean Thomas Dougherty accomplishes with this sizable collection of prose poems is miraculous, a word not to be used lightly. I stand by it because these poems, with their unflinching openness and lyrical musicality, are powerful and vibrant and innovative. […]

Richard Vargas’s Leaving a Tip at the Blue Moon Motel, Reviewed by Shawn Pavey

Leaving a Tip at the Blue Moon Motel Richard Vargas Casa Urraca Press Reviewer: Shawn Pavey Having followed the work of Richard Vargas since his first collection, 2005’s McLife, I’m not surprised to find that Leaving a Tip at the Blue Moon Motel is filled with poems that explore, in depth, that inescapable yet spirit […]

George Franklin’s Remote Cities, Reviewed by Shawn Pavey

Remote Cities George Franklin Sheila-Na-Gig Editions Reviewer: Shawn Pavey George Franklin’s exquisite Remote Cities is, as John Burt expertly points out on his back-cover blurb, a collection of “poems for grown-ups.” These mature, honed, expertly crafted poems display for the reader Franklin’s current existence in Miami and his memories of travel. His unflinching imagery and […]

Blowing Thru Secaucus by George Wallace and Friends, Reviewed by Shawn Pavey

Audio Project: Blowing Through Secaucus George Wallace and Friends (available on streaming platforms) drawn from Poetry Collection Blowing Through Secaucus George Wallace Gutter Snob Books Reviewer: Shawn Pavey You think New Jersey, you think wise guys. It just happens. George Wallace knows this. He’s going to tell you about them. In fact, he’s going to […]

Ted Jonathan’s Unholy Melodies: New & Collected, Reviewed by Shawn Pavey

Ted Jonathan Unholy Melodies: New and Collected NYQ Books Reviewer: Shawn Pavey Ted Jonathan is a poet known to many in the small press community. So, news of his passing in February of this year struck the community hard. I didn’t know him. I don’t know the circumstances surrounding his passing other than what I’ve […]