a retired pilot flies asleep

his pockets fill with mountains
                                                  and bad weather

everything’s falling
                                                  landing gear

home he shouts to remember the word

his house is off site
                                                  off where?

he’ll never fit back on earth

                                                  St Kilda pray for him
                                                  St Clair pray for him

he ditches the plane
he blinks awake

there’s no one gluten free
there’s no one
                                                  where’s the sea?





Kerrin Sharpe has published four collections of poetry with Victoria University Press: three days in a wishing well (2012); there’s a medical name for this (2014); rabbit rabbit (2016); and Louder (August 2018). She has appeared in Best New Zealand Poems six times as well as Oxford Poets 13 (Carcanet Press UK) and Poetry (USA).

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