Mary Makofske’s No Angels, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

No Angels Mary Makofske Kelsay Books Reviewer: Ann Wehrman With her latest collection, No Angels, Mary Makofske balances precise, tactile observation with a sense of dignified and compassionate distance, also posing universal questions. Her lyrical and narrative writing contrasts richly detailed texture with accessible transparency. Makofske has created poetry that shimmers with depth, clarity, multiple […]

Connie Post’s Between Twilight, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Between Twilight Connie Post NYQ Books Reviewer: Ann Wehrman In her new collection, Between Twilight, Connie Post explores memories and her present world, searching for healing, justice, and understanding. Post’s sensitive, often delicate poetry is grounded in honest, ruthless self-exploration; bottomless fear, loss, and fury tempered by her will to survive and end patterns of […]

Amy Barone’s Defying Extinction, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Amy Barone Defying Extinction Broadstone Books Reviewer: Ann Wehrman In Defying Extinction, Amy Barone takes the reader on a journey through the world of humans and nature, capturing with winsome tenderness the power, wildly diverse colors, and exquisite beauty of life on planet Earth. The poet’s lens ultimately cherishes more than it analyzes. Her gentle […]

Chanel Brenner’s Smile or else, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Chanel Brenner Smile or else Press 53 Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Chanel Brenner’s collection, Smile or else, which won the 2021 Press 53 Award for Poetry, includes the poem, “Facebook Post: Mother Son Hike at Solstice Canyon: 183 Likes.” Composed in alternating lines of regular then italicized font, the poem contrasts the author’s rhapsodic perceptions during […]

Chocolate Waters’ Muddying the Holy Waters, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Chocolate Waters Muddying the Holy Waters Eggplant Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Chocolate Waters’ Muddying the Holy Waters underscores the relevance of her unique first name, a nickname from childhood. Waters offers direct, mature poems about love and life that crack open the reader’s heart with their honesty and, ultimately, satisfy and warm like a cup […]