Charles Ades Fishman’s In the Wake of the Glacier: New Selected Poems, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Charles Adès Fishman In the Wake of the Glacier: New Selected Poems Kasva Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman In the Wake of the Glacier: New Selected Poems, a rich compilation of Fishman’s poetry since 1968, showcases the author’s exquisite personal voice and enviable mastery of craft. With precise eye and profound conscience, Fishman pays tribute to […]

Amy Small-McKinney’s Walking Toward Cranes, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Amy Small-McKinney Walking Toward Cranes Glass Lyre Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Cancer. The word strikes fear, anger, and grief into one’s mind and heart. Despite 21st century medical wizardry—including stem cell therapies, bionic body parts, and quick and easy outpatient surgeries—cancer remains a dreaded killer. “According to estimates from the International Agency for Research on […]

Judy Kronenfeld’s Bird Flying through the Banquet, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Judy Kronenfeld Bird Flying through the Banquet FutureCyclePress Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Upon reading and rereading Judy Kronenfeld’s 2017 collection, Bird Flying through the Banquet, as a Western female poet writing today, I recognized more than an esteemed colleague. Kronenfeld’s poems, in their deep centeredness, stillness, and fearless reach, reveal a teacher and a pioneer. At […]

Mary Dezember’s Still Howling, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Mary Dezember Still Howling CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Reviewer: Ann Wehrman It takes courage for a modern, intellectual, female poet to oppose current literary style and write serious poems that speak of the bright, glowing, soft topics: love, angels, and sacred sexuality—topics of “light,” hope, and virtue. One might ask: where are the angst, the […]

Donna Spector’s Two Worlds, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Donna Spector Two Worlds Kelsay Books/Aldrich Press Reviewed by: Ann Wehrman In her 2016 collection, Two Worlds, playwright and poet Donna Spector reads her world nakedly, sans attachments, only to return scrutiny to herself, asking, “This is a place of non-desire, I know, / but how can it be when I want / now to […]