Mehnaz Sahibzada’s My Gothic Romance, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Mehnaz Sahibzada My Gothic Romance Finishing Line Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman In My Gothic Romance, Mehnaz Sahibzada explores perceptions of personal experiences and relationships through confessional, lyrical, and narrative poems. The 2019 collection is structured in two parts, “Dark” (twenty-eight poems) and “Light” (thirty-five poems). True to life, the poems divert subtly from their assigned […]

Heather H. Thomas’s Vortex Street, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Heather H. Thomas Vortex Street FutureCycle Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Exploring Heather H. Thomas’s 2018 poetry collection Vortex Street, one stumbles into a dappled forest’s clearing where an ageless woman in a flowing, floral skirt and bright silk blouse, black hair glowing down her back, smiles and beckons one into her wagon. Every surface has […]

Lee Rossi’s Darwin’s Garden: Studies from Life, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Lee Rossi Darwin’s Garden: Studies from Life Moon Tide Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman In Darwin’s Garden, the formidable poet Lee Rossi reflects upon life in 21st century America, as well as his own past decades growing up, through the lens of “a middle-class Catholic boy from the suburbs of St Louis…[t]wo generations away from Italy, […]

Collin Kelley’s Midnight in a Perfect World, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Collin Kelley Midnight in a Perfect World Sibling Rivalry Press Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Collin Kelley’s Midnight in a Perfect World takes the reader across a turbulent sea of passions, betrayal, and transcendence, using free verse and bold imagery. The narrative and lyrical poems convey suffering incurred through diverse experiences, expressing a wide gamut of psychological […]

Daryl Sznyter’s Synonyms for (OTHER) Bodies, Reviewed by Ann Wehrman

Daryl Sznyter Synonyms for (OTHER) Bodies NYQ Books Reviewer: Ann Wehrman Peppering her poems with ampersands and i in the lower case, sans capitalization at sentences’ starts, Daryl Sznyter shoulders her way into the reader’s mind like a tough girl in a leather jacket: lipstick deep red, purple, or black; nails chipped; attitude a screwdriver […]