berlin self-help hotline

        why, americans
are you           the saddest people?

         when germans
     get upset
              they just       accept it,
don’t read        a fucking book
        or listen            to idiots        on podcast

         yet again,      a vagabond
tripping            on piss     stained

          i      wonder
     was it the           pants
        pills         partners
too much thinking?

   the lack
           of bed         spare
change        bathroom
   fuzzy sweater?

     in one      ear
         persisting       shame
     in another

 stumbling      techno tourist
      covered            in love
   bites          fleas

                   over time
            & with      meds
        she quiets

           i      wonder
      to which        tongues
           her books        lie

       in which story
               nobody         burns
    buries          a ghost

      their itch           with
            somebody       else’s

         outside            night falls
              too loud
                                  i hold
              my own hands
    pray      to my own
            pills        bed
    fuzzy sweater
             at passing       shadows
       far                   from my own





Hannah Polinski is a writer and filmmaker currently based in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal. Her writing has appeared in Frontier Poetry, Ricepaper, White Wall Review, and In the Mood Magazine. She exists online at