Wherein I Check My Intellect

Prove me wrong. If it’s not grammar then it’s syntax and the alley cat is walking down the aisle but to be born again. Among the underprivileged I give my point zero zero one percent. The interval of confidence is imposed on the data and the senses have their seasons. Visit plagues of frogs upon me twice and shame on me. It’s neither time that’s passing nor the old-and-in-the-way. It’s a parade, a mixture of two viscous liquids, one opaque, one more so. So to ooze. Because of the pandemic glass between us I don’t know how loud I need to be but may I have that bear claw, MAY I HAVE THAT BEAR CLAW. Would that I had an advantage. Muscles are associated with athletic excellence, to dine and dance. She loves me or she loves me not is my tautology, she loves me and she loves me not my contradiction – I have all the bases covered. Baba Ram Dass says to dragons, Be here now, and the conditions of existence are enacted. Prove me wrong.





Heikki Huotari attended a one-room school and spent summers on a forest-fire lookout tower. Since turning his attention from math to poetry in 2012, he has published poems in numerous journals, has released five poetry collections, and has won one book and two chapbook awards. Two new collections are in press. His Erdős number is two.

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