when i keep having these shameful dreams

i search for the person            in charge of them
but when i find him            behind the movie curtain
he is also nude            his hair a swath of feathers
he is also late for class            and when he gets there
his teacher says            you shouldn’t be here
with the normal kids            you should go
to where the others are
            he asks where?
she pleads to him            just go before they see
he stumbles into the hall            and his naked skin
is light in winter            through bare buildings
and all the screaming            swallows in the pines
and i follow him            out into the street
by the loading dock and he            lifts out of his flesh
and becomes the calm            after weeping
and he becomes            a transparent map
of sugarcane and manganese            blue mint flame
curling off his hands            his mother is there
to pick him up            in the 80s chevy
the suffering of the names            is rust
and his next breath becomes            mine





Scott Ferry helps our Veterans heal as a RN in the Seattle area. His most recent book is a collaboration with Daniel McGinn titled Fill Me With Birds (Meat for Tea Press). His tenth book of poetry, Sapphires on the Graves, is upcoming from Glass Lyre Press in early summer 2024. More can be found at ferrypoetry.com.

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